Our purpose is to promote the importance of  oral health to pre school children at a childcare/daycare setting.


3- 4 year old children at childcare/daycare centres and the educators of their room. Parents are also welcome to attend if they are available.


TeethSmart is an oral health promotion program designed by dentists for pre school children. It is a fun interactive 40 minute program where children learn how to:

  • Brush their teeth along the gumline twice a day
  • Learn the importance of which food groups are good for them
  • Learn which drinks to consume
  • Learn the role of a dentist and what happens at their first dental visit (This reduces the fear factor of going to the dentist)
  • The childcare/daycare get a teethsmart certificate at the end of the visit that they participated in this program
  • All children receive toothbrushes and certificates from TeethSmart
  • The local dentist and clinic is introduced to them by audiovisual means.(optional) 

If you are a childcare/daycare centre contact us on info@teethsmart.com to become part of the program so we can make an appointment to come and have a teethsmart day at your centre.

If you are a local dentist email us on info@teethsmart.com or call us and learn how you can get involved.

All our health promotion officers have "WORKING WITH CHILDRENS CHECK" .

Dr Khadija Awan – Director/Founder

Khadija is the founder of TeethSmart. She has worked in the Australian dental industry for over 11 years and founded TeethSmart after her son went to childcare and she went back to work. She noticed that most parents who send their kids to childcares/daycares dropped them off early in the morning and kids had breakfast there but they were not brushing their teeth after wards. With the help of her dental colleagues she created the TeethSmart program.
She loves kids and being around them makes her world a happy place. When she is not working with anything dental she loves to read books, try exotic recipes and meeting new people.

Our oral health promotion officer who has a certified working with childrens check will come to your centre and deliver this 40min interactive educational and fun  oral health program to the 3 and 4 year old children.
Your childcare centre will receive a TEETHSMART Certificate that you promote effective oral health at your centre.

Email: info@teethsmart.com

Childcare/Daycare                                     Director

Guardian Early Learning Centre Point CookSimone Azzopardi/Chantelle
Maya family daycareMaya Fajarianti
Rainbow Family Daycare WerribeeLorraine White
Precious Stars FDCCarolyn Paterson
Little Mini Lighthouse FDCDominque Ada
Wyndham Early Learning FDCFiona Jardine
Little Angels FDCTham Pham
Fantastic Family DaycareFatima
GoodStart DeerparkMisty Carter
The Learning Tree Sanctuary LakesDanielle Bellini
Blue Bird ELCNay Stevens
Guardian- point cook play and learn
Hobsons bay councilCassie Poole/Karen Carter
Sparrow early learning Telford park (darley)Aarti Sharma
Sparrow early learning TarneitJamie Swanston
Fantastic Family DaycareFatima/Geet
Future Kids Williams LandingNola Pell
Future Kids West TarneitBeinda De-Nardo

Are you a local dentist and want to get involved in the TEETHSMART program with your nearest childcare centre email us on info@teethsmart.com and we will tell you how you can get involved 

Please mention if you are a daycare/childcare or dental clinic and your location in the contact us form below:

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